Poetry Therapy Testimonials

Fantastically thought-provoking and super enjoyable workshop
It was great to see you yesterday, thank you very, very much for another fantastically thought-provoking and super enjoyable workshop,  – it’s really appreciated and certainly a boost.
I am always astonished by all the revelations that arise from the writing, learning so much about myself (and the human condition!), and yesterday was certainly no exception.
Look forward to seeing you at the next workshop.
R B – London

Powerful tool of writing
It was a great way to get in touch with the powerful tool of writing, the exercises pushed me further than I would go alone and it was very powerful to share in the group.
Clare  Oxford

I have been converted
It is surprising how useful the workshop was as I am not a great believer in therapy sessions. I have been converted.
K.Thomas London

Nothing short of phenomenal
May I just say that to see writing unfold in the way that it does under your guidance and expertise, and with your compassion and love, is nothing short of phenomenal, and definitely ranks alongside one of nature’s miracles. Amazing.Thank you, and I hope the next one is wonderful too.
R B  London

Inspiring workshop
Inspiring workshop, it was nice to write, ignited my passion
Angela London

Benefited beyond my wildest dreams
I wasn’t sure what to get out of this workshop but have benefited beyond my wildest dreams. Now feel more confident and have a better understanding of myself. I realised I can write whatever comes to mind. Through this workshop, I am able to identify my demons that hold me back so as not to take action. As I write the paragraph on my inner critic. It became clear to me (my inner critic) was shrinking day by day. All my hard work was paying off as I wrestled with my inner critic for the past 40 years through acquiring knowledge and support.
A. A. London

Liberation, Inspiration, Uplifting
Liberation, Inspiration, Uplifting, Creation,My thoughts have flowed and my pen has followed
Smiles of appreciation, understanding and warmth, Braving to recite even though you are scared,Excitement contained, aware of overbearing, a lesson in listening to others is achieved,Playing with words, meanings and interpretations
It’s all there, it is within us,Waiting to be written
L.M. London

Help me start moving forward
I found this course incredibly helpful in ALL aspects of my life as it is at present. I needed this to help me start moving forward in my life, Love and Mind!
NS London

Left here feeling confident and determined
I felt this workshop was really helpful and useful, started out to be a bit scary
as I didn’t know what to expect, but I am glad I came and don’t feel that alone, the facilitator was very good and very interesting. I will definitely come back to her workshops again. It took me out of my comfort zone and I have left here today feeling confident and determined and when my inner critic raises it is head, from now on I know how to handle it !!!
Thank you
N.C. London

My experience here today has been an enlightening experience.
Who’d have thought journaling means to keep a diary. I’ve been doing it on and off for years without realising it.
I am now aware of journaling. I love writing and I can and have the power to affect change in my life. Awareness is the first step to change. Psalms are poems, I’d like to think that I am religious so I find reflecting on psalms comes as second nature to me. I was always aware and reflective. I just didn’t know it.!!
Jo London

Create a new you!
Just don’t think, Hold the pen and let the, Brain do the work
There is no right or wrong,Just express and you will
Create a new you!You can go on and on
Or just stop, But It’s you, you hold the Pen!
R.K. London

Reinvent yourself abandon your old patterns
I am not sure if I was going to do any writing, but it is better to be open to new experiences, never say no, just do it! First think for a while, trust yourself, don’t be afraid, play with your words, have mistakes it is not bad, reinvent yourself abandon your old patterns.
M.T. London

Discovering the power of the written word
It felt good to be in the company of others, all together sharing our stories and learning from each other, Discovering each other and our own self, through writing. Discovering the power of the written word. How deep this power is! Mind- Blowing! The workshop also made me realise all the hidden potential creativity I carry around, unaware, Too often distracted and suppressed by the voice of my inner critic. I really enjoyed doing the exercise on my inner critic.
The workshop made me realise, writing is easy and its fun, hearing others, express beautiful and meaningful things, which also impacted on me, and in the process, me gaining greater confidence!
C.B. London

I feel more connected to myself
My experience of the workshop has been positive and revealing. I have enjoyed the writing and discussions. The workshop has helped me to get to know myself a bit better, to understand my experiences and to value and validate my life experience. It has given me the freedom and permission to express my thought and feelings. When I reflect back on the work I have done, I feel more connected to myself. It is sometimes a great struggle, thought provoking and can be emotional, but the workshop environment feels safe and sharing with others makes me feel less alone. The workshop inspired me to carry on writing. I love my journal.
Thank you so much Charmaine
D.M. London

This was a challenging but necessary workshop and I am grateful for this process. I see the healing going on within me
What I have learned through this whole process, it is definitely opened me up as a person. I have opinions and I want them to be heard. I’ve been finding I get quite upset when people speak for me in certain situations, now when I am quite capable of speaking for myself. This never used to be a problem. I am also aware of what I have to offer,  who I am in this big scary world. People are drawn to me when they have a problem, I allow people to open up to me and tell me things they were surprised to share! I have become more open too, in my approach to people. I am still cautious but I share some of my stories too. I have a lot of hidden layers which I am discovering and dealing with. This was a challenging but necessary workshop and I am grateful for this process. I see the healing going on within me and man, what a journey up down and all around. Phew!
N.S. London

I will take this experience with me and use it as a big tool in helping me become who I am.
My experience of this workshop has been positive all the way through, things did get stirred up for me, but with the support of the group without anyone realising, helped me get through things, as everyone had something to give. I am slowly finding myself and I will take this experience with me and use it as a big tool in helping me become who I am.
L.C. London

For once in my life, I focused on me, who am I?
I came in to the workshop worrying about, my spelling and grammar
It has been so many years that I have not held a pen to my heart. For once in my life, I focused on me, who am I?
R.K. London

I have become more calm and positive
I learned that writing can be helpful for me, to heal and clarify my ideas. I gained healing from the past, this helped me clarify, organise and focus me in the present.
I have become more calm and positive, I want to find myself again and do those things I used to enjoy.
M.T. London

I am very grateful to Charmaine for those great healing and super inspiring workshops. They are life transforming!
I learned sooooooo much! About the beneficial effect of writing, how it heals you, how you go into a journey of self & discovery! How the whole process unleashed my creative potential, how satisfying that was, improving my confidence, how amazing to see others do the same, how inspiring others are. The sharing was very helpful, we learned so much from each other. I felt the workshop was a safe and fun place to be and Charmaine led us gently on the road of self discovery and self healing.
I learned to my surprise that for example : not forgiving others was in fact self harm. Quite a shocking thought and I began to put things right, inside of me after realising that. I am very grateful to Charmaine for those great healing and super inspiring workshops. They are life & transforming!
B.C. London

Writing has helped
My experience of this writing workshop has been of great benefit. I used the writing to communicate to myself any time I wanted, so as to clarify my thoughts and ideas. Writing has helped me because I am able to brainstorm within myself on a thought, without having to bother other people to talk.
A.W.A London

I have gained the skill of reflection where my inner critic is concerned
My experience of the workshop has been at times challenging, as I recall childhood experiences. I have gained the skill of reflection where my inner critic is concerned.
I don’t always win in the battle of negativity but now I have a go, whereas before I would give in and subsequently fall into a cyclical pattern of depression, my inner critic would pursue this by never turning off. I have been able to pinpoint some positives in my (mostly wholly) negative perception of my childhood.
O.J. London

I am currently in the process of writing a book about my life and since being on the course , I am doing voluntary work helping young runaways and teenage cancer patients.
L.C London

I can succeed in life!
Thank you so much Charmaine, I learned so much and it was extremely helpful. I feel so much better within myself, with renewed hope that I can succeed in life!
C.B.J London

Great course
I am in therapy and this course has helped.
D.M. London

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Thanks for the workshops more please
AWA London